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Mezzanine Floors

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Mezzanine Floors

Structural Mezzanine floors are a wonderful way to double your floor space at a minimal cost. These floors are basically secondary floors built in between two floors with a definitive and vertical gap in-between. They are probably the best thing for you if you want to efficiently increase floor space but do not want to alter the building’s foundational infrastructure. 

To build a mezzanine floor, serious construction work is not necessary. This is one of the main reasons they are preferred a lot these days in comparison to creating a whole new floor, which is actually very costly. A new floor requires extensive construction work, which is time and money consuming.

Mezzanine Floors for every Purpose.

Effectively double your floor space and do it fast. Compared with the cost of moving to a new location or increasing the size of your building, a mezzanine could be an economical solution to your problem. Our team of experts will help you analyze your problem, design, and custom builds a mezzanine floor for you. Our mezzanines are quick and easy to install and come with a variety of different decking options. 

 Mezzanine floors are not only used for storage needs. They can be converted to half bedrooms, study rooms, small play areas for children in homes. They can be used for extra office rooms and meeting board rooms in office buildings. Supermarkets and shopping malls can convert their mezzanine floors into restrooms or small food courts. Similarly, there are various other advantages of installing these secondary floors in any building.

 Types of mezzanine floors.

  • Steel Structure with Timber Flooring
  • Steel Structure with Steel Flooring
  • Floors with Office Space
  • Floors for Bulk Storage
  • Floors with accessories

When new businesses are started, initially, workspaces are limited due to limited budgets and lack of additional ground or units to construct new buildings. These can be quite expensive but with the installation of mezzanine floors, the worrisome hassle regarding the need to find and expand the office space can easily be avoided. Mezzanine floors are not at all complex and can very simply be installed by professionals. It is one of the best solutions to increase space for all your business or home needs. This is why you will come across many buildings that contain customized and lavish mezzanine floors.

Questions you should ask when designing a mezzanine floor.

  • What are the height, width, and height?
  • Type of Flooring Medium: Steel or Wood?
  • Open or Closed Flooring?
  • Floor Loading: 350, 500, 750, 1000 or 2000 kg per sqm?
  • Do you need hand railing? and Pallet Gates?
  • Do you need staircases? 

Building a mezzanine floor does require extensive thought processes and ideas as it defines the end result of your workspace or your home. Usually, industrial warehouses do not focus on aesthetics as their mezzanine floors are mostly used for storage and stocking purposes. However, while installing mezzanine floors in homes and workspaces, or markets and public places, designing and a thorough plan is quite vital to the process.

Steel Supported Mezzanine Floor

Structural Steel Storage Level

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