Designing and Installing Quality Storage Systems


Pallet Racking

Also known as Selective pallet racking, pallet racking is the most common storage system found in any warehouse installation. It can withstand heavy loads and are extremely robust. All the more astounding that they are also so flexible and versatile and at the same time they can be extended without problems and be configured exactly the way you or your pallets require.

A cornerstone of an intelligent logistical operation, it pays to choose a pallet racking solution that stacks up. Every component of Rsssolutions extensive range of racking systems is fit for purpose according to industry standards. Whatever your warehousing requirements Rsssolutions pallet racking is fit for the purpose in today’s business needs and the future.

Selective Pallet Racking for Warehouses
Warehouse pallet racking with picking lower levels

Pallet Racking with Picking Levels

This system is a combination of the selective pallet racking system as seen above, but with additional handpicking levels below.

These are ideal for those smaller items that don't get stored on pallets or in the case were pallets are broken and small parts picking is done.

This system is also ideal for larger cash and carry stores where items are sold in bulk where your light-duty shelving is not able to carry the loads.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racks make for great storage of long or awkward materials. Bulk items like sheet metal, flakeboard, drywall, vinyl siding, pipes, lumber, and carpeting that would otherwise be stacked or piled on a floor in an unsafe, unorganized working environment, are effectively organized and safely accessible stored on cantilever arms.
Segregate these materials on cantilever rack by commodity and size. Inventory is made easier as all loads are visible for inspection, counting, picking, and weighing. Also, forklifts, pickers, and other handling equipment have much better access to material stored on cantilevers.

The RSS Solutions Cantilever Rack system is designed to manage loads of varying lengths and proportions without any interference.  The product can be completely accessible from the front without any of the horizontal restrictions of traditional pallet rack.  The entire length of the cantilever rack may be used for storage.  For added flexibility, loads of differing lengths may be stored on the same cantilever rack and even at the same level.

long product cantilever racking
warehouse bulk storage racking

Drive-in / Through Racking

Drive-in Rack and systems are a cost-effective solution to high-density storage. This static system has rails running the depth of the rack for pallet placement.

The only limitation to the depth of pallet storage is the capability to drive deep within the system.  The drive-in rack depth reduces the need for aisles and drastically increases cubed space utilization.

Drive-in Pallet Rack Systems load and retrieve from the same side, creating Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) inventory retrieval organization.

Drive-Thru Pallet Rack Systems load from one side and unload from the other to create First-In-First-Out inventory retrieval (FIFO); forklifts can enter from either aisle.

Many companies use the system for cold storage as it is more cost-effective to build a smaller building with a high density of pallet positions.

Mobile Racking

The use of RSS Solutions mobile racking & pallet racking systems reduces the need for costly floor space. Thanks to the racks’ mobility, only one aisle needs to be open for picking at any one time; the rest of the space is filled as efficiently as possible with racking runs. Each of the individual pallet racks can be relocated, allowing access to all pallets at all times. Instead of one broad aisle wide enough for truck circulation, it is also possible to open several smaller aisles.

A mobile pallet racking system can be directly integrated into a newly-built warehouse or fitted into an existing one & it is also entirely possible to integrate the entire system, including the controls, into your existing warehouse management system.

Cold Store Selective Pallet Racking
Warehouse Narrow Aisle Catwalk Mezzanine Racking System

Catwalk Racking

Catwalks Racking is a multi-level storage system that is designed to use the vertical space in a warehouse by using catwalk aisles and employee access stairways. The storage and retrieval process is performed by the employees and eliminates the use of heavy equipment such as forklifts and order pickers.

Multi-level catwalk racking systems maximize storage density in your warehouse. Catwalk systems have narrow pick aisles, reduced cross aisles, and less wasted warehouse space. These systems can be made from custom fabricated rack components or standard shelving components. Catwalk rack storage systems are composed of custom fabricated pallet rack components and provide for the maximum span and capacity.

Rack Supported Mezzanine Floor

Ideal for any factory, warehouse and small store, rack supported mezzanine floors are used as storage for small to large parts below with a mezzanine or office's above. They can be custom-built to suit your requirements.

When you run out of space this system is great for doubling up your floor space without the need to rent additional floor space. 

They can be designed for lightweight and heavy components.


Carton Flow Racking

Flow racks for small goods are the ideal order picking system. Goods such as bins, cartons, totes, etc. move under gravity along a slightly sloping roller track. Flow racks can also be executed in combination with pallet storage.

Flow storage consists of two clearly defined elements: Rack Structure and Dynamic Flow Rails. The flow rails are set at an incline in the rack structure, allowing pallet loads placed on one end of the rack to move down to the unloading end. Rollers facilitate smooth rolling, while self-energizing brakes control the speed. As each load is removed, the loads behind move forward automatically. Flow system depth, height, and width are limited only by the size of your facility and capabilities of your material handling equipment.

Carton Flow Rack can dramatically improve warehouse efficiency by organizing products and rotating stock automatically.  Long, straight, dedicated lanes maintain product organization and keep labor costs down.  Storage space can be increased by up to 60% by using a minimum of 22% less floor space, thereby keeping building costs down.

Typically, Carton Flow Rack Systems use about half the floor space that standard pallet rack and the difference can be more dramatic with multi-level systems.  The simplicity of gravity-driven systems requires less capital than maintenance-prone automated systems.

Pallet Flow Racking

This is an accumulative storage system that allows you to store up to five pallets deep per level. All of the pallets on each level, except the last, are placed on a set of trolleys/carts that are pushed along the rolling rails. These rails are built on a slight incline, lower at the front, so that the pallets at the back move forward when the pallets closest to the aisle are removed. In a pushback pallet rack storage system, all the pallets placed on a particular level must contain the same SKU and are managed using the First In First Out (FIFO) system.

Push Back Rack offers more versatile storage than Drive-In rack because each lane flows independently and vertical storage operates separately from lanes below. Multiple pick facings for a variety of SKUs can be stored and retrieved without disturbing other products above or below in a single-lane or double-lane format.

RSS Solutions Push Back Rack solution is extremely low profile. This allows you to store multiple pallets and still create more stocking space and clearance between levels.

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