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About Us

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Honestly, Loyalty and hard working is what we like to pride ourselves on.

After working in the industry for more than 10 years, personal experiences led to the decision to start this business.

Making this decision off-coarse did not come very easy but after much debate we took the risk.

We've seen the good times and we've seen the bad times and have work through all of them.

Coming from a manufacturing back ground we know the bases of what a good product looks like and this is what we would like to get to you.

From working in warehousing to supermarkets we've seen it all in different shapes and sizes.

Working in the factory to working in the office to working on site there is no area that we haven't seen.

We've always said that relationships are one of the most important things in life and this is what we would like to build with you.

We will always help where we can or show you in the direction that would most benefit you.